Publikationer om  MICO–projektet / Publications about the MICO project

Two new articles on the music imagery narratives are in preparation (expected to be published as open access during 2019 at The Centre for Research in Music and Health, Norges Musikkhøgskole, Norway):
a) one article on the 7 involved music therapists´ clinical experience with the music imagery narratives and
b) another article on the theoretical framework of the music narratives.

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(English: Meaning and Effect of a Music Concept Designed Specifically to Promote Wellbeing and Health for Children with Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy)

Udvalgt litteratur om musikterapi med børn på hospital / Selected literature on music therapy with hospitalized children

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Meta–analyser med evidens for musik med børn på hospital / Meta–analyses Showing  Evidence for Music in Children in Hospitals

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Supplerende forskningslitteratur med musik og musikterapi med børn på hospital / Additional  Research Literature on Music and Music Therapy with Hospitalized Children

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Andre udvalgte/Additional Selected Cochrane Reviews & Meta–Analyses

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Supplerende litteratur / Further Reading

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